The VCRC™ Engine

Peak efficiency at low power with a small light engine 


  1. Light engine weight
  2. Efficient combustion
  3. Correct CR
  4. Low friction percent
  5. Reliable lubrication
  6. Low pollution
  7. Low friction CR change


  1. 2-cycle spark engine (SI)
  2. CR, air % increase as tongue decreases
  3. CR increase with RPM
  4. Peak pressure increases w/RPM
  5. CR cycles to 0 each revolution
  6. Fast & lean burn at optimum CR
    • Initial burn all fuel rich, low NOX produced
    • Then mix air final burn lean
    • Peak pressure invariant w/torque
  7. Cycles at low cylinder pressure

Where others stop and say, “It won’t work.” we are just beginning.

We continue to analyze the complete system and find the solution to make it work.

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