Variable Compression Ratio and Charge

Operation of the prime mover system 


  1. Control piston
  2. Initial burn volume (IBV)
            Alters to change CR
            Volume; IBV to 0 to IBV
  3. Spark plug
  4. Fuel injector
  5. Main chamber
  6. Power Piston
  7. Intake passage (from pump)
  8. Exhaust passage


I. Initial compression
       Air only
            i. control piston moves to set point
            ii. Volume moves from 0 to IBV

II. Final Compression
        @ 90° BTDC, fuel injected
             Fuel mixes with air stream

III. Initial combustion in IBV

iV. Secondary burn in MC
         > 30% lean
         HC and CO oxodozed

V. Expansion
        Power flows to shaft in III and IV
        IBV moves to 0 volume

VI. Scavenge
         Air quality regulated
              Exhaust temperature > 200

Where others stop and say, “It won’t work.” we are just beginning.

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