About The VCRC™ Engine


55+ MPG is feasible now!

We know how to make internal combustion (IC) engines exceedingly efficient.

1. VCRC™ burns little fuel with lots of air…lean burn.

a. IC engine for automobile has to burn it fast.

b. Diesel does this by spraying finely divided fuel into hot air.

2. VCRC™ emits low pollution today…NOX, HC and CO2, very low.

a. NOX forms hot…rich uniform mixture burn has low temperature and burns fast.

b. Then add lots of air to complete the burn in lean fashion…oxidize out HC and CO.

3. VCRC™ has optimum compression ratio (CR) in lightweight engine.

a. Too much CR makes friction; too little loses thermal efficiency.

b. Engine weight uses fuel in automobile.


VCRC™ does it all!

Engine melds all fuel with little air in rich uniform mix. Fast burn.

Hot burn then mixes with remaining air for lean final oxidation.

Volume for first burn changes to keep CR ideal with torque: CR∼ revs.VCRC™ is 2 cycle spark engine; about 1/3 weight of standard engine.